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From our humble beginnings in 1970 throughout our storied history since, Five Star Rep Group has remained true to our mission statement: we are a company founded on integrity with the desire to build long-lasting relationships by providing professional sales, faithful service and innovative consulting.


Find out why we’ve been around so long, and why we’re here to stay.

We Understand The Market.

With over 45 years of experience in our territory, we know the players, and in most cases, are on a first name basis with them.

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We Believe In Providing Solutions.

Companies need more than products to be successful. We align ourselves in partnerships with other firms that can help take our principles to the next level. We believe the equation to a long-lasting partnership is pretty simple: provide value.

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We Bring Youth To An Aging Industry.

With an average age of 40, we are aggressive and eager to build a successful company.

We Seek To Be Innovators.

Technology is constantly changing the ways in which we conduct business, and we are working to be at the forefront of innovation through development and our ability to remain current.

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Our territory is dependent upon the line we are representing. Through distribution, we reach across the country in different market channels including Retail, Wholesale, Industrial, Commercial and OEM. Contact us to learn how we can work together in your region.

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Five Star Rep Group was first started as Abernathy Sales in 1970 by a retired WWII veteran named Machen Abernathy.  Abernathy’s first product line was Pioneer Quick Coupling, now a division of Parker Hannifin.


His continued hard work and dedication laid the groundwork for Five Star to become a successful manufacturers’ representative corporation.

Machen Abernathy passed away in November 2007, but our values and principles still mirror his philosophy of honesty, integrity, hard work, and customer relations. As proof, we still represent Pioneer Quick Coupling over 45 years later, along with many others with whom we have worked with for over 30 years.


In 1994, Machen hired Don Chick.  Don and Machen worked together for 13 years and the company grew to the highest levels in its history. 

Today, Don is the owner and president of Five Star Rep Group.  Through the same grit and determination that Machen built the company with, Don has expanded Five Star into several different industries, territories, and capabilities, having more than tripled the business since its inception.


At Five Star Rep Group, we are proud of our heritage. We have a culture of gratefulness and fervent dedication.  We remember the days of old while constantly striving to be at the cutting edge of the days to come.